Tour Aftermath

Aidy at The Horns, Watford
© Howard Key Photography 2011

Well we're all back in one piece, we're all still on speaking terms after spending a week in each other pockets and we've really enjoyed the whole experience! Thanks to everyone who came to see us, it was a steep learning curve but we've pretty much got to grips with the whole touring thing and we're very keen to get back out there play outside of our hometown on a more regular basis. We've already got a gig booked for The Jolly Brewer in Linoln on the 10th September 2011 and if anyone else out there wants to book us just drop me an email at:
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UK Tour Dates Confirmed

Aidy UK Tour 2011

Last time I updated the site I was in the early stages of organising this, but just this morning I received confirmation of the final date! So we now have a full ‘week long’ UK tour booked up, which is kicking off in Watford on the 4th July. We’re all really looking forward to gigging outside of our home town and hope to see some of you along the way and if any of you have any requests for songs you’d like to hear live then drop me an email, FB or Twitter. Check out the full list of tour dates below.

The Horns, Watford - 4th July 2011
The Langtry, Norwich – 5th July 2011
Milo, Leeds - 6th July 2011
The Cavern, Liverpool – 7th July 2011
The Royal George, Charing Cross, London – 8th July 2011
The Ambassador Hotel, Brighton – 9th July 2011
The Cornerhouse, Cambridge – 10th July 2011

The 100 Mile Playlist

I’ll be playing an opening set at The Portland Arms, Cambridge on Saturday 12th March 2011, for a charity gig organised by fellow Cambridge musician Sam Robson in support of the Epilepsy Society. It's an extremely worthy cause as one in every 131 people in the UK suffers from this serious neurological condition including Sam himself. He said “The Epilepsy Society is a charity very close to my heart as I was diagnosed with the condition in my early teens. I’m lucky - thanks to my medication my seizures are controlled allowing me to live my life the way I want. Many people are not so lucky and I wanted to do something to raise awareness for the fantastic work carried out by the Epilepsy Society.”

As well as organising the gig Sam is also going to be running the London Marathon on April 17th followed by running back to his home town of St Ives, totalling just over 100 miles, hence the name of the gig! It’s looking to be a great line-up headlined by Isaac’s Aircraft whose debut single recently made it into the Top 30 Indie Singles chart on Radio 1. The full details are below, and if you'd like to sponsor Sam in his marathon efforts then please go to

THE 100 MILE PLAYLIST - Sat 12th March 2011
The Portland Arms, Cambridge
Tickets £5 on the door.
Doors open at 7pm.

Isaac's Aircraft - Piano-fuelled indie rock from Cambridge's own BBC Top 30 artists

Lexie Green and The Guys - Cambridge's favourite Americana-flavoured Blues singer

The Titanics - Mighty funk and soul from the Midlands

Aidy - Indie rock acoustic set from Cambridge's hardest working artist

Lonely Friday Interview

Lonely Interview By Justin J McHenry

Trying to make it in this world you do have to be tough, especially if you’re an artist trying to make it. There are so many others out there vying for everybody’s attention that you do have to be tough to accept anonymity but also resourceful and creative to separate yourself and make your voice heard. If you’re neither tough nor creative, then you end up a grumpy old man who gets angry every time he listens to the radio.

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Beat The Static Review

Beat The Static Review by Danielle Richardson

Singer songwriter Aidy had a busy 2010. After moving to Cambridge and releasing a few albums that remained frustratingly under the radar, he decided to do something different.

"I set myself the challenge last year of writing, recording and releasing one new song every week for the entirety of 2010."

That’s a New Years’ Resolution I haven’t heard before. Unlike most people, Aidy stuck to it, which resulted in 53 new songs added to his repertoire, a record deal with Expat Records and a couple of festival appearances, including Green Man Festival."

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Song A Week (It's All Over)

Just to recap in case you've just come along to my site for the first time ever. On Friday 1st January 2010 I decided to take on the challenge of writing, recording and releasing one new song every single Friday the entire year, which I thought would be a grand total of 52 songs. Turns out there are actually 53 Friday's in 2010, I didn't know that until a few weeks ago!

Anyway, it's finally come to an end and after a years worth of recording, writing, mixing, mastering, snapping guitar strings, breaking mic stands and not sleeping I released the 53rd song of the project this evening entitled 'Cradle To Grave'. I'm actually pretty tired now, and I'm off to bed, when I'm feeling a slightly more alert I'll come back with some reflection and highlights of the year and the project! Happy Xmas, Happy New Year, and have a great 2011! Thanks to everyone who's helped me, put me on a stage, played with me, shared me, streamed me, liked me, re-tweeted me, collaborated, been in videos and everything between!

Aidy :-)

Cradle To Grave