the British IBM Début Single - Out Now!

It's finally here folks! After months of toiling away in the studio we've finally got something to show for it. The début single is now out and best of all it's completely free. Check out the video created by Jose Cubero from Ridertoons. If you enjoy it, help us out by sharing it :-)

To get your FREE copy just head over to and sign up for our mailing list.

the British IBM - Coming Soon

Dave, Paul and myself are working exceptionally hard on the new album and it's really sounding great! We're putting everything we have into these songs and I really believe that the end result is going to reflect that. After nearly a decade of recording everything alone in a bedroom studio it's awesome to finally be working with other musicians and a producer in a professional studio.

We're hoping to have the finished thing out at the end of July, head over to to find out more.

Aidy Studio

Aidy Vs the British IBM

the British IBM

After a lot of discussion Paul, Dave and myself have decided to forgo the Aidy moniker and become ‘the British IBM’. This will therefore make the next album our self-titled debut rather than another Aidy album.

We’re all booked into the studio for early next year and you can continue to follow our story over at

See you on the other side
Aidy :-)

The Failed Band Podcast

If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes here at with regards to the "business" side of things then why not check out The Failed Band Podcast! Myself and fellow band mate Dave Martin have started a regular podcast in which we chat about the stuff we do behind the scenes to get gigs, market ourselves and distribute our music etc... Hopefully it'll be of some help other musicians and bands out there, you can find us on iTunes or you can head over to

Failed Band Podcast

the British IBM

Between gigging, moving and attempting to fix up an old arcade machine which I purchased off Ebay I've also begun working on my next album 'The British IBM' which I'm planning to have ready for sometime in 2012. After the Song A Week project I'm keen to try something a bit different and less constrained time-wise so I'll be taking on a more traditional way of working and spending a reasonable amount of time crafting a set of songs, recording them as demos in my home studio before eventually taking them into a professional studio for completion. I'm intending for this to be my "master piece" if that doesn't sound too over the top. I'll be taking everything I've learnt over the years and using it to the best of my abilities to create something that I'm completely happy with and can look back on with some degree of pride.

This isn't going to be a free download or a collection of demo's. I'm going for a full polished album with crafted songs, all live musicians, produced and mixed by someone who knows what they're doing and can hopefully add to the whole process. Several songs have already been written and recorded in their most basic form i.e. just me and an acoustic guitar.

From the beginning to the end of this project I'll be emailing out the demo's at various stages of recording on the mailing list for people to check out. This means you’ll get to hear the full evolution of the material going from rough demo's to polished studio recordings so if you think that's something you might be interested in then take a moment to sign up at

I'm really excited about this whole project and I hope some of you'll tag along for the ride and maybe even provide feedback along the way. In the meantime you can have a listen to the acoustic demo of 'God's Front Porch' which should make it's way to the final album. We've very recently started to incorporate this song into the live set so if you caught any of our tour dates you may have heard it: